1600mm Transformer Corrugated Radiator Fin Forming Machine

Overclocking is the process of adjusting the voltage and current of the electrical conductor to match the frequency requirements, which are often higher in the heat of the CPU. With a CPU gets hotter, the voltage and currents increase to dangerous levels, leading to damage and a short circuit. Due to increasing heat, the performance of the CPU degrades and it crashes frequently. To prevent CPU overheating, and to enhance its life and performance, you should use a CPU cooler with a built-in transformer corrugated fin assembly. A CPU cooler with this unique fin arrangement will efficiently manage the airflow to cool the CPU, thus preventing the occurrence of CPU overheating.

Using an extra radiator in your CPU will help cool it down to a more comfortable level. But not all extra air coolers or radiators are suitable for use with your CPU. The best way to know if your CPU is suitable for the use of a specific radiator is to check if the fins of that radiator are rectangular or rounded. For circular fins, the only option available is to use a 1600mm Transformer corrugated radiator fin forming machine.

A typical CPU cooler can only cool down the CPU to a certain temperature and the use of a corrugated radiator with a circular fin configuration will help to effectively heat up and disperse the heat from the CPU to a wider area. If your CPU is equipped with a dual-fan system then additional radiators should also be used along with your CPU cooler. These extra radiators will allow the additional airflow to be directed towards the other two fans. Using a combination of the fin-type and additional radiator will give you the best results when it comes to maximizing the cooling capacity of your CPU.

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