2000g Swing Type Electric Dry Herb Powder Grinder

The 2000g Swing type electric dry herb grinder is high-grade grinders. It has all the outstanding features that can make you give the best service to your customers such as the wide wheel, variable speed, interlock design, aluminum deck, stainless steel body, heavy-duty motor with overload current guard, manual lock and key, and dust collection bag with locking system. The motor of this dry herb grinder comes in single or twin. It also has four bins that support the rotating of the wheels at different speeds.

This type of electric dry herb powder grinder is also known as the big mill grinders. The large motor gives you a consistent grind during your long period of working time. The motorized mill grinder is ideal for clinics, medical labs, and powdered processing plants. It has three bins that support the rotation of the revolving wheels at different speeds. It is also equipped with an automatic dust collector bag with a locking system.

It is highly recommended to buy this dry herb grinder because it is designed to grind, slice, and mix herbs like mint, anise, marjoram, basil, parsley, chervil, tarragon, and more. It is made to deliver high-quality ingredients into your product. In addition, this grinder produces uniform printed results every time.

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