4FT Symons Stone Cone Crusher Mining Machinery

This equipment is designed to facilitate the easy handling of granite, limestone, and other stones by reducing the labor involved with this process. The granite, limestone, and other stones are usually placed in the processing plant and then crushes. After crushing they are cleaned and then the surface is polished and prepared for making tiles, etc. This all has to be done very cautiously because otherwise the equipment can damage the granite, limestone, or other stones severely and the production can be stopped.

This type of equipment is known as the stone crier. The equipment has a drum containing crushed granite, limestone, and other stones placed inside a hopper. Inside this hopper, there is a fixed electric motor, which rotates at a high speed. The rotating blades of this equipment are precisely controlled by using computer software to cut tiles at very precise angles. In the initial stages of production, the speed of the blades is increased till the tiles are ready. After the tiles are ready the operator shuts down the electric motor and manually closes the hopper.

This type of machinery costs around ten thousand dollars and is manufactured by Symons Company, USA. All the large refineries across the world use this type of equipment. It is highly efficient and enables you to reduce the labor force needed to handle the cleaning and polishing of granite, limestone, and other stones. The cost of this machine is divided according to the weight of the stone and the size in a cubic square meter. The owner of the mine gets a share of the earnings when his plant produces more than a certain number of slabs per day. The largest producers of this type of equipment are located in Australia and Brazil.

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