4HP Compressor – Suitable For All Applications

The compressor is a one-handle unit and has a maximum load capacity of approximately three pounds. It features variable speed controls that are easy to operate and is also includes a one-year warranty. The compressor includes an accessory called the air curtain, which is designed to reduce indoor odors and can also be used as a drying device. This accessory is available for a fee. There is no water consumption with this compressor because of the dryer’s built-in.

The 4HP Compressor series has the ability to increase pressure when it is needed. Most compressors will have a gauge on the side to indicate the current pressure. You can easily monitor the pressure of your compressor with the attached pressure monitor.

This compressor comes with an accessory called the humidistat that can be used to set the desired humidity level. This humidistat will control the amount of water or moisture that is released into the air. It is very important to keep the humidity level stable as over-pumping can damage your equipment. The compressor should be serviced regularly to ensure that all parts are in good working order.

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