4MW Wood Chips Twin-Fire Fixed-Bed Gasification

The 4MW wood chips are a product of an innovative process, and the technology used is totally new. It does not have the burning odor that one normally associates with the term “gasification.” What it does instead, is to absorb heat, and in the case of the product used here, is also oxidize. This means that you can use it in place of charcoal or other such burnable materials. It is extremely effective, and it produces zero carbon wastes.

There are some minor drawbacks to this product, though. As it absorbs heat, it may cause excess moisture in the surrounding air. If this happens, you might have to use extra care when watering your plants or if using other types of irrigation systems, since you will be dealing with more moisture than usual. There is also the possibility, though it is very unlikely, that the wood chips might start releasing contaminants into the water. If this did happen, you would of course need to perform another water treatment before drinking, but it is highly unlikely.

Overall, this is a great product, and if you are looking for a high quality wood chip for making lumber, then this would be a good option. It also makes an excellent substitute for wood chips in other applications, since the product has almost the same processing and performance characteristics. In fact, it actually has higher potassium content than most other types of wood, which is ideal for use in potassium hydroxide fertilizer. If you are interested in buying some of this wood for your home or business, you should definitely check out the products available from our website. The prices are reasonable, and the shipping rates are rock bottom!

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