A Floating Fish Feed Food Making Pellet Extruder

Floating fish feed is a very important part of your hobby, as it is important for the health and growth of the fish. But the problem occurs when you find out that there are lots of fishes in the tank but there is no food to eat from them. It is very disturbing to see fish die in front of your eyes. You should be aware that this is often caused by improper feeding techniques. If you will observe, then it is you who is responsible for the death of the fish. That is why you should use the floating fish feed food making pellet extruder to feed the fish in the right way.

To begin with, you have to prepare all the things needed for making pellets for your fish. All the materials that you will need are the food pellets, small tube, needle nose cutters, paper towel or a clean cloth, syringe nose pliers, rubber band, and electric drill. With these tools, you will be able to make small tubes for feeding the fish. These tubes should be attached at the bottom of the tank, near the surface to enable the nutrients that come from the food pellets to reach the fish.

After preparing all the things, you should turn on the power and run the electric drill at the speed of about two hundred and fifty revolutions per minute. This will make the tiny holes at the top of the tubes, which will carry the food to the fish. The next step would be to feed one or two fish in the tubes. Once they are full, you can now turn off the power and remove the tubes from the tank.

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