A Freshcoal Fly Ash Steel Silo

The 3000T is a two-stage metal silo that has a spiral steel inner liner. This metal spiral is the inner liner of the metal silo that makes it so sturdy. The spiral steel silos have been around for quite some time and they have some amazing capabilities when it comes to storing your debris. These metal silos have many uses such as storing firewood, and other things that you might burn down.

There are some advantages when you use the 3000T, and one of those advantages is the ability to store things and it is a dual-stage heating system. It is designed to heat first before the fresh coal fly ash steel silos which allow the system to get rid of the toxic particles and contaminates before they start to go up into the atmosphere. It also helps to keep the temperature constant because it uses no fuel at all. The silos are placed on top of a pit that has the pit dug into it. This is called the firebox. Inside this pit is the spiral steel silo and the ground are filled in around the inside of the pit.

After the coals are lit and ready to go the silos get their fill of fresh fly ash and then they release this into the air. This makes the silo an excellent source of oxygen. The rice husk absorbs this in order to keep the temperature constant inside the silo. This means that the inside of the 3000T has a dual purpose. It keeps the temperature constant while it stores the rice husk and releases oxygen into the air.

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