A Guide to Solid StateHF Tube Welders

We’ve been seeing Solid State (SSW) Tube Welders on the market for some time now, and they are starting to really take off. In fact, industry experts say that the number of welded tubes in operations has increased by more than 25% in the last three years! Solid State has many benefits over traditional hot-rolled metal fabrication methods like cold roll-forming (CAM). For instance, with Solid State, you do not have to worry about adding a second or third layer, as it makes the welding process so quick and easy. It also allows for much greater repeatability, because once you see how the welds look when the parts are put together, you know you’re getting a good result.

When you consider all of these factors, you’ll find that the advantages of using a solid-state furnace include: better energy efficiency, fewer elements, and faster tool change-outs. Some manufacturers of solid-state industrial welded components use high-performance steels like 6AL 4V and 10V. These super-hard, diamond-like alloys enable them to perform even under tremendous pressure, which is very useful in the welding industry. Other manufacturers are incorporating ultrasonic welding technology into their solid-state products, which has been proven to increase productivity and decrease costs.

If you’re looking to buy a Solid State RF Tube Welder, it’s important to realize that you are getting a much higher quality machine than you would typically find in this price range. You’ll pay more money upfront, but the amount of return on your investment will be more than make up for the higher initial investment. Keep in mind that you will likely be spending more time performing maintenance and repairing the machine over the course of its lifetime, but there will be fewer incidents due to superior performance. If you want to learn more about Solid State products and services, contact a local dealer today. We’ll give you more details about this type of welding system later in this article. For now, let’s hope that you have better success finding the best value in a carbon steel tube mill, by performing more research and identifying a supplier with exceptional service.

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