A New Career in DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 is an upcoming racing game developed and released by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was initially released on February 26th, 2021. The game is the fifteenth installment in the Colin McRae rally series and the first title to carry the Dirt Pack name. For those of you not familiar with the DiRT Rally franchise, it is a rally racing game using the world of motorsport as its backdrop.


The story of the game begins with the game’s main character, Colin McRae, a famous NASCAR driver who takes on the ultimate rally challenge-the Guindon rally. On the way he encounters some challenges too and comes across some unlikely allies including a unicorn, a lion, and an elephant. Your goal is to rally the circuits you come across and amass the most points to win the race. Unlike other rally games where you have a fixed starting point, the game allows you to move forward (past the starting line) by gaining experience points as you go along. In this regard, earning experience points is essential to make your journey towards winning.


Besides gaining experience through solo acts and joint ventures, you can also choose to pit for one or more vehicles in each stage of the game. For instance, in Stage 11 you will be allowed to pit your vehicle. Doing so will cause it to damage certain parts, resulting in its loss. Once damaged, your car will need some repairs before it is able to proceed. Bribing a mechanic is just not worth it. Thus, you must be careful in handling your vehicle.


In this game, there are new vehicles that have been added to the already established game models. Thus, you need to learn some new tricks for handling these new vehicles. Even though they look much better than the old versions, you still need to master the techniques for making them perform well.


Another exciting feature of this game that you must explore is the rally competitions. There are two to participate in. The first one is the official tournament which sees you pitted against other players who have the same game version as you do. The second one is the amateur competition, where you can show off your driving skills for a chance to win some money. You can also customize your car with the latest upgrades available, in order to get the best out of it. The online community forum is where you can talk to other rally gamers about some of the challenges you face and also share tips and strategies about this game.


The game offers you the opportunity to pit your wits against the top gamers in the online community. Here you can pick your rivals to face off in a friendly battle. Plus, you can also upload your own tracks and stages to play on. This time around, you have even more options when it comes to customizing your car with upgrades and such. With all these choices, there’s no doubt that you will definitely have fun playing through the challenge mode and enjoying the thrill that this game has to offer.

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