Advantages of Antistatic Polystyrene Eps Material Para Silo

The new insulation type called Antistatic Polystyrene Eps (APE) has an unprecedented number of advantages over conventional foam insulation products. One of the main characteristics of APE is that it expands upon expanding temperature and can be used as an energy-efficient substitute for the more expensive Rovi foam insulation. It also features superior thermal conductivity and high thermal expansion capacity which result in improved energy efficiencies and increased insulation values. It is able to achieve this through the use of vapor compression and the addition of a vapor barrier.

APE insulation can be used both for domestic and commercial applications. If you are looking to buy this material for your home then you should take a look at the special residential grade sheets that can be easily found in most home improvement stores. For commercial buildings then you have a few different options to choose from including loft insulation kits and vertical wall insulation. You also have the option of using APE for insulating steel and concrete walls. If you are building a new home then the installation of this material should not take much time and can be done by the general contractor once the house is on the property.

If you are looking to install this material in the outside portion of your home then a rigid foam board or barrier can be used. It can either be used vertically to completely surround your house or it can be placed horizontally along a fence. You will find that this particular material has several different options for installation depending on its flexibility. You can also use it in conjunction with Styrofoam peanuts and post caps for double protection. This would prevent external water from reaching the interior of your home.

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