Agricultural Machinery – A Key contributor to Growth of India’s Economy

In spite of the advancement in machinery and technology, manual work still has a key role to play in all these. Agriculture machinery and tools help farmers by reducing the input costs involved in farming. The farmers can now concentrate more on production, as opposed to manual work. Machinery has made it possible for farmers to increase their yields as well as production time. This results in higher profits.

The manual tasks such as tilling, sowing, harvesting, and other farm operations are performed by various farm machinery and tools. These fully automatic and semi-automatic equipment are designed to handle different tasks automatically. They make work much easier, thus ensuring better output and higher productivity. They also reduce operating costs significantly.

Automatic machinery and tools are used in almost every field of farm production. This includes but not limited to oil-seed sowing, fertilizing, budding, growth tracking, and sorting out the hay, straw, and grain. Automatic or fully automatic farm machinery and tools are required in all kinds of farming activities such as rearing cattle, dairy, piggery, poultry, and vegetable. It is one of the reasons that agriculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Indian economy today.

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