All About The Dell Laptops i7

Since its introduction to the world in the mid-1990s, Dell laptops have steadily been on the cutting edge of technology. The latest addition to this proud history is the Dell laptops i7. This line of products is a personal computer replacement with an increased performance level and added capabilities. It is packed full of features and functions designed specifically for the needs of the average consumer.


The Dell laptops i7 comes with a new thin and flat-panel keyboard with larger keys that offer greater comfort. It also has a new aluminum unibody casing that provides a sturdier design and greater strength. The new aluminum body offers better thermal performance and greater durability.


The all new aluminum casing has dual stereo speakers. For audio enthusiasts, these are truly excellent. When paired with the new stereo sound speaker, the sound is even better. Front facing speakers and subwoofer make for an excellent audio experience.


Along with the new aluminum body design, comes a thinner and lighter notebook. This results in the reduction of weight compared to the older models. This is especially true in the case of the two-inch thick Dell laptops i7. With the reduction in weight, comes a reduction in size and portability. One benefit of a smaller laptop is portability since you no longer have to carry around a heavy laptop when you travel. In fact, with the reduced weight, there is even less effort required to push around the laptop!


Performance is definitely one of the greatest improvements with the new Dell laptops i7. The processor speed has been increased to the point where it offers twice the processing power of the previous generation. What this does is allow the user to run two programs at the same time without any delays or lags. Since this laptop runs off of the same main battery, performance is very good.


Another great feature with the new laptop is the use of a lithium-ion battery. This is a high capacity battery that Dell has chosen to use in their laptop. This allows for the computer to be able to function when it is not being used. Many times when you are using a laptop, there are many different programs that will constantly run, so the need to have a high capacity battery is extremely important.


One of the downsides to laptops is that there is only room for the software that can be installed into the memory. With the Dell laptops i7, this issue was resolved. The hard drive space that was taken up by files could now be used to install new programs. This again increases performance time and makes using the computer much easier. In addition, because of the larger hard-drive space, more storage capacity is available which gives the user more options when it comes to storing important data.


Even with all of these benefits, one must still consider the price. It is quite common for laptop performance to decrease as the computer ages. Although the Dell laptops i7 is made for the professional who is looking for an excellent machine, it is still not meant to be one. However, for the person who just wants a computer that will perform at a high level for their everyday activities, this machine will be perfect.


An additional benefit that many people enjoy about the Dell laptops i7 is the mobility. Being able to take this machine along wherever they go is very easy. Even if they were to purchase a new car, they would be able to take this with them everywhere they went. This is one benefit that most consumers cannot live without. Having mobility means being able to move around easily with the laptop. There is no longer any need to spend extra money or put out the extra effort to make a long trip to go over without problems.


One of the reasons why people are so happy with the battery on the Dell laptops i7 is that it lasts for such a long time. When a battery is beginning to show signs of life, it is time to replace it. However, with so many models on the market, it has become possible to find a replacement battery that is just as good as the original. Therefore, consumers can rest assured that they will never be without a laptop battery again.


Perhaps one of the best parts of owning a Dell laptops i7 is the amount of space that it saves. With a regular laptop it takes up a great deal of room. However, when using one for long periods of time the battery does not have to be recharged as often. Instead, the laptop can function for several hours before needing to be recharged. This is made possible because the laptop uses much less power than most other models on the market.

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