An Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERA) – Benefits Over a Heat Compressed Heating Autoclave

The Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERAs) is a type of pressure autoclave that uses heated electrically active rubber to induce heat on one side of the material to cure it. The heat from the rubber will push the liquid into the material and cause it to expand, which then causes it to harden. The most common types of ERAs are the electric, hot, and cold types which are used in manufacturing industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, photographic, and medical device manufacturing. They can be operated in stand-alone models, as well as being included with gas autoclaves for industrial applications. In addition to these applications, they are very useful in manufacturing various materials including ceramics, metal, wood, soft metals, and plastics.

The Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERA) has several benefits over other types of autoclaves available on the market today. It provides a high degree of control over the curing of materials through the use of temperature selections, which eliminates some of the problems commonly experienced during manual curing processes. It also provides a fast process, which saves valuable time for the manufacturer as well as the customer. Another benefit of the Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERA) is the ability to use rubber-based compounds as an additional drying agent which allows for faster drying times than with other types of drying agents.

The Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERA) is very different from an electric heating autoclave because it provides direct heating of the drum rather than indirect heat from a vented or indirect fired heating system. This provides the ability to apply heat directly to the material being processed while simultaneously curing it at the same time. Because the heat coming from the rubber roller autoclave is direct, this provides a much faster drying time than any other commonly used autoclave. Because it incorporates an electrical heating element, the Electric Rubber Autoclave (ERA) allows manufacturers to customize the heat settings and speed for each drum.

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