API lightweight Wireline BOP Lubricator Riser

The API6A lightweight Wireline Lubricator Riser is designed to protect and increase the performance of heavy-duty trucks as well as improving grease pump function, hydraulic fluid pressure, and heat resistance. The design of the API 6A refers to the presence of a water-tight sleeve surrounding the pump housing and extending up to the drum. This sleeve has numerous pressure points that can be opened and closed according to the truck applications’ requirements and thus provide for a reliable source of lubrication without sacrificing any of the truck’s integrity.

The API Lighter Tank Lubrication System offers improved pumping and delivering capabilities as well as reduced pumping pressures. The API application is ideal for mounting inboard or outboard motor designs, and for medium to large applications in a wide range of industries. API products are designed to maintain and perform under demanding conditions and can meet the needs of today’s busy, technologically advanced truck and equipment markets. They are available in a variety of configurations to cater to each customer’s application needs, which include low, medium, and high flow performance levels. Many of the API brands offer the same benefits such as multi-year guarantees, first-class product lifetime guarantees, and easy-to-follow installation instructions, which eliminate installation headaches and cost. API offers a full line of API products including API Pro Series, API M series, API Q-series, and API U Series, and each of these lines is engineered to provide exceptional performance and long service life.

API offers a complete line of truck lubrication products designed to meet the toughest trucking conditions. These products include API Quick Lube, API Heavy Duty Plus, API Oil Change Combos, and API Universal Auto Oil Change System. For over 50 years, API has been innovating, manufacturing, and selling high-quality, affordable solutions for a wide selection of applications in every sector of the oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation industries. API leads the industry in quality and service excellence. For more information on API lubrication, API conversion, and API testing services visit API-web.

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