API Oil Rig Drilling in the Offshore Environment

API oil rig drilling ZQ162 50 utilizes high-tech gear for exploratory drilling. Known for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, the rig’s hull is made of durably-manufactured aluminum alloy. Because the drill bit and spade assembly are mounted above the waterline, water pressure is not a problem and there are no vibrations transmitted to the sensitive deck machinery. The welded rod and gear system are designed with tolerance to extreme operating conditions and extreme temperatures, resulting in years of reliable service from one of the rigs in the world.

This innovative oil rig drilling machine allows a manual pump in the deck to be used as a work platform, allowing for pallet loading and off-loading operations while running on low draw power. When using a manual bump auger, a standard drill bit is manually turned to a fine, depth-of-pitch position. When using the automated ZQ 16250DRI, a single automated control switch is used to start and stop drilling, adjust the tilt, and drive in or out.

Using state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) technology, the spindle and drill bit are precisely synchronized so that the drill bit and rotors remain locked in place. The riggers and control panels of the API oil rig drilling ZQ162 50 are fully serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. This type of precision surface mining is performed primarily in the offshore environment where accuracy is crucial. It is the most efficient method of extracting oil and gas from the sea bed. With this technological advancement in drilling, the ocean floor can now be explored with relative ease and efficiency. The API oil rig drilling ZQ162 50 offers rig workers the best in equipment and technology to allow them to work safely and productively while producing quality, well-drilled oil and gas.

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