APRON FEEDER Feeders offers the ultimate in feed system functionality. APRON FEEDER SERIES combines premium quality stainless steel construction with a variety of accessory kits including multiple fill angling and optional spillover bags. APRON FEEDER SERIES features both the powerful stainless steel liner, along with an optional aluminum cover plate and extra tough polyethylene cover plate for added strength and rigidity, while still offering the convenience of an easy to remove liner cover.

APRON FEEDER is a high-performance apron feeder using a roller mechanism that allows the whole barbell or mat to roll down over any obstacle without ever touching the side of the vehicle or any other surface. APRON FEEDER offers a smooth operation with very little kickback or vibration. The aggressive and full metal cover makes them ideal for heavy-duty trucks, but they can be used in just about any vehicle that accepts a standard apron-style belt feed. APRON FEEDER also has the advantage of being able to run at low speeds on soft sand and mud making it a more versatile product than its competitors.

APRON FEEDER SERIES 4-series trucks, tractors, and excavators have been built with a rigid, high-impact design, so they accept and handle heavy loads much better than any other belt feeder. The 4-series trucks have a rigid design to handle the high impact load and allow for a clean finish in any environment. The front plate is also constructed of tough aluminum with the optional polyethylene top plate and extra-tough bottom plate for added rigidity and toughness against the toughest belt load. This rigid, high-impact design is the result of years of testing and refinement to give APRON FEEDER the highest quality products possible.

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