ASUS ZenBook Flip Review – A Lightweight Alternative to the MacBook Pro

The best Asus laptop is without a doubt the Asus ZenBook B9350. This laptop knocked all the other laptops we have reviewed on performance and battery life. It can reportedly last up to 16 hours on the battery. That is jaw dropping for an ultrasonic laptop! I mean the battery on the iPhone is just crazy.


This best laptop in the world also has a lot of features. For example, it has a full QWERTY keyboard. I don’t know how many laptops have keyboards this large. In addition, the screen is large enough to be comfortable using. I also really like that it has a hinge on the side of the laptop. It allows the ZenBook to be opened up much larger than regular laptops which makes it very convenient.


The main problem that I have with the ZenBook is that it lacks a built-in optical scanner like some others on the market. Most of the other laptops I have seen have built-in scanners. However, I prefer to have the ability to use a portable optical scanner. This means that you will have to buy a separate one for the ZenBooks.


The battery life on the ZenBook is pretty good, but it could always use a little more. It lasts about eight and a half hours on the Laptop. In contrast, the MacBook Air is known for having a long battery life. It can sometimes go well over ten hours.


Sound quality is another area that I really like about the ZenBook. The ZenBook has dual speakers that are positioned just right above the front of the screen. They produce great sound quality. However, the voice quality on the MacBook Air is just terrible. It lacks bass and is often times accompanied by a high-pitched whine.


ASUS ZenBook does not come with a USB keyboard or a mouse. This might seem odd at first since many of the other laptops on the market to include these things. However, the reason why the ZenBook does not include a keyboard is because it is an external laptop. An external laptop will always come with keyboards. Therefore, the ZenBook cannot be classified as an expert book due to lack of a keyboard.


The final major issue that I have with the ASUS ZenBook is the size and weight. At about twenty-three inches long and eleven inches in height, it is very skinny by laptop standards. It will not feel comfortable resting your entire hands on your lap. My recommendation to any potential buyers would be to find a friend of yours who uses a laptop similar to the ZenBook. Then ask him/her for their recommendations of the best laptops in the market. I was able to find several reviews of the ASUS ZenBook on the internet which should help prospective buyers make an informed decision.


Overall, the ASUS ZenBook is a good laptop. It performs well, has many features, great portability, easy to use keyboard, and has great battery life. However, there are a few shortcomings that I would like to mention giving it a lower rating. If you are interested in purchasing a new laptop, the best laptops in the market that I would recommend are the Google Chromebook Flip C434 and the Apple MacBook Pro.


The Google Chromebook Flip C Carson actually beat the ASUS ZenBook by a large margin. The difference between these two laptops is actually the size. The Google is obviously easier to carry around and is more compact. The Apple MacBook Pro, on the other hand, feels flatter and larger. The main reason why the ZenBook 13 made the best laptops in the market is the price and the portability factor alone.


As far as performance is concerned, both these laptops can play most modern games. However, the only games that the ASUS ZenBook can play with any kind of consistency and in high detail games developed for the xBox 360 and the Sony PlayStation Portable. It does play most regular games, but the game play tends to be very slow and unresponsive. On the other hand, the Apple MacBook Pro can play most games that are available on the market today.


The ASUS ZenBook and the Apple MacBook Pro are both excellent choices when it comes to using notebook laptops for professional purposes. They can provide superior gaming performance, long battery life, and they are also easy to transport around. However, the Google Nexus S suffers from inferior battery life, but it has a larger screen, so it is still a great choice for people looking for a laptop with great gaming performance and portability.

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