Automatic Grade and Manufacturing Plant Applicable in Any Industry

Automatic grading and manufacturing plant applicable in the area of ​​manufacturing, material handling, material testing, or any other such procedures that need to be performed in the area of ​​manufacturing is referred to as Automatic Grade and is done by applying force with a suitable instrument called grader to adjust the type of material. Grading and automated manufacturing are used in many industries such as automotive, textile, electrical, petroleum refining, chemical, paper, pulp and lube, rubber, and plastic. Automatic grading also occurs naturally in areas such as agriculture, forestry, construction, food processing, mining, manufacturing, pulp and lube, rubber, and steel.

Automatic grading and manufacturing plant applicable can be done in many ways such as magnetic, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, mechanical, electronic, or manual grading. Grading is performed by raising or lowering a material either manually or automatically. The mechanical grade is used to grade materials using mechanical power. The electronic grade is done by converting an electric current into magnetic energy for mechanical action. Thermal Grading uses heat to change the conduction of various types of materials.

Grading and automatic grading machinery are available in different sizes and types. Grading equipment includes wire mesh, metal roller, belt conveyor, hydraulic roller, bucket, slurry pump, and trowel. An automatic grading machine is basically a combination of four types of equipment such as vibratory slab system, metal screening, belt conveyor, and slurry pump. Automatic grading equipment should be well maintained and its operating speed should be above 15 mph. The automatic grading machine should be well cleaned and the working area should be free from obstacles such as debris, paint, oil, and grease.

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