Benefits of Using a CBD Extract System

CBD Extraction System is a patented extraction machine made by the Chem glass Company in Canada. The most important feature of this extraction machine is that it uses a new and simple process to convert volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and inert minerals. This system offers several benefits over older methods of extraction, such as solvent extraction and solvent washing. These are:

Unlike other methods, the CBD Extract system has no scale or lumps. The glass tank is completely sealed and isolated from the surroundings. Unlike other methods, the glass vessels are pre-cooled and subsequently heat-bonded for vitally safe performance under any condition. Once the vessel is cool, it is placed in an automatic dishwasher-like container that dispenses perfectly calibrated, measured amounts of chemicals into the feed vats, providing an extremely efficient method of preparing both liquids and powders.

This process includes two major components: pre-bottling and post-bottling steps. The pre-bottling portion of the process consists of carefully emptying the old bottle through a carbon-displacement head, removing any solids present and chipping away at the old glass. Post-bottling, the bottle is placed in the canister and gently heated to 100 degrees Celsius, wherein it is washed and rinsed once again to ensure the removal of all contaminants, and finally sealed back in its storage vessel.

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