BRJ 800 II Double Layer Winding System

As far as games go, the BRJ 800 II Double Layer Winding System is a fairly average model. It comes with an automatic pressure gauge and is made out of plastic. You get two gauges on this model, but they do not really tell much. I suppose that having all the information you need is good for your forethought. This system was designed to be used in conjunction with the BRJ 800 III Single Gauge Oil Winding System.

A single gauge is used to test the oil flow in the engine. The other gauge tells you the pressure in the oil. Both gauges work great together and make working out so much easier. In addition to being able to check the pressure in the oil, you can also tell if the car is running correctly. If it is not running correctly or overheating, then you know for sure what is wrong.

When you use the pressure gauge, you must always start at the lowest setting and slowly increase the pressure until the oil hits the redline. This model comes with a sensor light that will let you know when the sensor has reached maximum pressure. At that time, the light goes on and you have to plug the motor in to try another setting. Overall, this is a good set of gauges to use with this particular brand of engine. It gives you a wealth of information, but you still need to remember to always start at the lowest setting. That way you can keep your engine from getting overloaded and running rough.

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