CE Approved Double Basket Gas Open Deep Fryer

If you are looking for an economical choice that can prepare both fried and steamed foods at the same time, you should consider a CE-approved double basket gas open, deep fryer. These types of fryers are specifically manufactured to meet health requirements and safety regulations for use as a food preparation and storage device that meet national safety standards. They can be used by families with children two years and older, and they are designed to provide consistent cooking temperatures to ensure that foods are well cooked and safe from contaminants that can cause food poisoning. The specially designed venting system allows the contents of the basket to circulate air to keep the temperature constant.

A CE-approved double basket gas opens deep fryer is also easy to maintain. They require little cleaning and do not retain any grease or soap deposits that can build up in other fryers that are not designed to use natural gas. This type of deep fryer can accommodate food that has a higher fat content than regular frying and offers users several heat settings from which to choose to prepare a variety of foods. For maximum safety, this type of fryer is recommended by the US FDA and can be purchased with an attached hood that prevents the fumes from being inhaled.

The CE-approved double basket gas opens deep fryer is available at most major retailers and is generally covered by a warranty to protect your investment. The manufacturer’s suggested price for this type of fryer is two hundred dollars. However, some online retailers have lower prices that may be affordable to you. Before purchasing any appliance, be sure to check with local and state health department officials for specifications and approval.

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