Charcoal Activation Activated Carbon Regeneration

Charcoal Activated Carbon is a method of solidification of carbon material to make it soft enough to use in a wide range of industries and mechanical applications. Most people have heard of Charcoal Restoration but not many are aware that Charcoal Activated Carbon also forms a key component in the industry. The Charcoal Activated Carbon contains oxygen and carbon which when combined creates a compound, which is called Charcoal Activated Carbon Resin (GAR). Charcoal Activated Carbon can be used for several different industries, including:

The Charcoal Activated Carbon can be combined with other materials such as sand and silicon carbide to form a sand / silicon carbide composite. The GAR has excellent wear resistance and high tensile strength making it the ideal ingredient to be combined with other materials. It is also used to absorb moisture in the blowing wind by creating a surface that is impervious to moisture. The Charcoal Activated Carbon Resin can be used as a coating on cast iron for protection against rusting, corrosion, and pitting. It can also be used to protect painted surfaces from oil and grease contamination.

With the availability of the Charcoal Activated Carbon in most industrial markets, the Charcoal Activated Carbon can now be used as a low-cost alternative to steel or aluminum for application in a wide range of industries. It is also used in the Charcoal Activated Carbon Double Roller crushers that are used in the UK and throughout Europe. It can reduce the cost of Charcoal Activated Carbon and other Activated Carbon resins to some extent.

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