Comansa Flat Top Tower Crane

Comansa Flat Top Tower Crane is a fully automatic tower crane that is used in the construction of tall buildings. It is used to lift heavy loads that have to be carried on high roofs. It is fully automatic that has an integrated control unit and engine. It is manufactured by Comansa Corporation, Italy. The company produces both lighter-weight cranes and more massive cranes for commercial applications.

The Comansa Flat Top Tower Crane 21CM335 has an unprecedented lifting capacity of 8 tons. It can lift loads that are between two and four hundred tons. It has the capacity to lower the crane to the ground by its hydraulic system. It can also raise the crane to a variety of heights, depending upon the tasks that have to be performed.

Comansa manufactures all their tower cranes in Italy and claims that their product is the best in the industry. The cranes are made from the finest aluminum material available. This material enables the machines to have a long service life and minimal downtime. The company offers a two-year warranty on the main components as well as a one-year guarantee on all other parts. In addition, the cranes are certified by the Italian Ministry of Works.

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