Cream Oil Filling Machine Information

For more than a century the cream filling machines have been in use and are still used in the manufacturing of a wide range of filling needs. Single heads high capacity viscosity semi-automatic vacuum type hose, heavy grease spring filled cream oil filling machine, tabletop model. For many decades the old stand by for cream filling is the canning, or pressure canning, process. In today’s modern world it is all about “click and goes”, “per hour”, “high speed”, or “low speed” production. The cream filling machine has been displaced by many other modern methods such as frothing, freezing, dehydrating, or frothing / freezing of powdered ingredients. The most modern methods of manufacturing are all about reducing the time needed to fill the product to the consumer’s defined specifications.

The semi-automatic vacuum cream oil filling machine is the most popular type of filling machine. The speed of the filling is controlled by a set screw variable between a minimum and maximum speed. The other types of machines are more accurately controlled by a manual screw. High viscosity oils need a heavier filler that has a larger surface area, this requires an automatic machine with a pump or centrifugal effect. These types of machines are generally used for heavier oils, such as motor oil or hydraulic fluid.

High-temperature ceramic ingredients such as soap lead, lye, etc. require a more accurate temperature control than cream-based products. The high-temperature ceramic products also require a stronger vacuum than cream-based products. Shampooing bars and facial scrubs are examples of heavy cosmetic products that require a manual filling machine. This will also depend on how complex the styling or cleansing is. A manual filling machine for shampoo bars and facial scrubs will fill the bar or scrub with the correct amount of shampoo.

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