Customized Pellet Chain Disc Conveyor Belt

A Customized pellet tube chain conveyor is an important part of a pellet mill or popcorn-making operation. Conveyor belts are made of metal, which is then bent into a shape to contain the pellets and be then transferred to a hopper or to another area for storage. The metal conveyor belt has coils of wire that need to be heated before it can carry any weight; this is where the energy from an electric current is transformed into mechanical energy and used for carrying materials through a conveyor. After the conveyor belt has moved the material to the storage area, the next stage of the process is to feed the material to a hopper, where it is ready to be unloaded or simply marketed.

Pellet mills generally consist of two parts: a grinding unit and a storage area. In the case of a disc mill, the material to be printed is placed on a grinding drum, which rotates at high speeds and grinds the material into powder form. Once the material reaches the grinding unit the process stops and the drum is lifted up off the ground by a specialized system known as a lifting tower. From the lifting tower, the material is loaded into a specialized hopper, where it is evenly gurgled into a granular tubular conveyor belt, which is then operated by a series of gears and pulleys.

The main function of a custom-made pellet chain disc conveyor is to move the material from one area of ​​a mill to another. Depending on the type of material to be printed, this can range from large grains to small flakes. Although the main function of a disc conveyor belt is to move material between two areas, other applications of these types of conveyors can include cooling and packaging. As such they are often used in the packaging department for things like sugars and other sugar-based products.

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