Dell’s Stylish Ultra-Thin Laptop

The new Dell XPS 15 is loaded with plenty of features. There are two different main varieties of laptops that this product line offers: the base model and the Pro variant. Depending upon which Dell XPS 15 laptop you buy, it will be a powerful killer laptop. The old 9570 series is the last generation, meaning that you are rocking old hardware, but you’ll get a lot cheaper on the new models. From just a hundred dollars at Newegg to well over one hundred dollars at other retailers, the new models easily beat the old versions in both performance and price.


All the laptops in the Dell lineup offer plenty of technological advancements. For the most part, all the notebooks are now Windows based, though there are certain models that are still based on the older 9570 series. For those who want the best performance out of their laptops, the new 15-inch models offer the best bang for the dollar. The upgraded specifications alone make this lineup a winner. Check out the new 15-inch model, or go back to the older models, and you will probably be impressed by the power that is packed into these units.


To start, let’s discuss the technology inside the latest Dell XPS 15. Everything is just as sharp as the older models, which is a relief for many people. It has a brand new high-resolution screen, better sound, faster processor, and newer operating systems. Even though it is a newer laptop, the battery life is just as long as any other laptop on the market. If you need an extra hour of sleep every night, this is definitely the way to go with the Dell XPS 15.


Since this laptop runs off of the same OS as the older model, it will play many of the same CD games that you are used to. There are however, some new titles that this machine is capable of playing out now. There is a great selection of games available right on the Dell website. All you have to do is search for your favorite title. There are some awesome games including Fable: The Isle, God is Dead, and the all-time favorite BioShock.


When talking about the Dell XPS 15, we had to touch on the upgrade potential. While it is larger than the older model, it packs a lot more speed and power. The newer processor is quad-core meaning that it is able to handle everything that your computer is trying to do. The upgrade to the integrated memory makes this machine run faster and with more memory. The screen, keyboard, and chassis are all the same which helps make upgrading easier.


In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, this machine comes with a powerful graphics card. The card is an upgraded version of the one included on the original XPS. It includes twice the amount of texture mapping, which allows the game to come to life. This is a very important point since the graphical viewing of today’s games is much more realistic and believable. The Dell XPS 15 comes standard with a Quad Core i9 CPU, an external hard drive, and a DVD burner.


If you are looking for an ultraportable laptop that has the power and performance to go with it, then look no further than the Dell XPS 15-inch. This machine will have you playing your games, watching your movies, listening to music, and doing whatever you want while you take advantage of the many features this machine can offer. You won’t regret taking this machine with you.


The specs listed above are for the standard model of the Dell XPS 15-inch notebook. There is also a model with an extra battery pack called the Pro battery. It has a standard battery size of 2 hours and fifteen minutes of power time. It also has two USB ports, a FireWire port, and both audio jacks.

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