Eagle Claw Bit For HDD Rig

The Eagle Claw is a small USB device that fits easily and safely into the front of your motherboard. There is no need to have a PCI-E slot or anything to use this on your computer. In addition to its use with your motherboard, the tiny bit can also be used on your hard drive or even a flash drive. This will give you the ability to run a multitude of different programs at the same time without slowing down your computer. You are going to need a PCI-E or an AGP card to use in your configuration.

Most of these drives are SATA, which means they connect directly to your hard drive. One thing you want to watch out for is how many drive bays you have on your computer. Having more than one can cause your hard drive to get bogged down if there is not enough space to spread it out a little. If you have two or three drives try splitting them up and putting one on the bottom and one on the top. Having it all on the same side makes it easier for the drive to spin up because there is less pressure on it.

When installing the Eagle Claw bit into your computer’s hard drive, make sure it goes all the way in. This is not just my opinion. There have been people that have messed up this step by putting the small bit in the wrong way. After doing so they have had to take everything out of their computers and clean their hard drives. If you have to make any modifications to your Eagle Claw bit I would recommend getting the guide from my website and follow it exactly.

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