EDGING MACHINES: A Brief Introduction

With the ever-increasing requirements of organizations, Edge banding machines became an indispensable asset for fastening the various types of closure devices. These devices are generally used for sealing around objects or in sealing holes and seams to give a tight seal. It is mainly used to seal curved edges, beveled edges, straight lines, and textured surfaces. These applications require high-quality materials such as high-performance polyester or high-pressure fiberglass. These are widely used in sealing round and oval shape objects as well as for sealing corners and textured surfaces.

High-performance edge banding machines are designed to perform fastening or sealing of different types of cuts, such as beveled edges, bevel flat, Gluing edges, grooved edges, etc. The optimal “Glu-Jet” application method on the HOLZ- HER machines ensures a perfect edgy look. With its innovative hybrid technique, this machine has the ability to close a groove by automatically grinding the edge. Due to these unique abilities, these machines are considered as the most useful edge closeness available for manufacturing industries such as automotive industries, textile mills, rubber and plastic industries, and many more.

Another edge banding machine is the V-Barrier, which is a fixed beam machine, which uses an extremely high-frequency sound to generate a barrier that’s thicker than the surrounding surface. This creates a vacuum, which forms a strong seal due to the adhesive quality of the bonding agent. One other unique feature of the V-Barrier is that it can be used for EDGE Bouncing. The V-Barrier is generally used for edge sealing for making it possible to seal curved edges, smooth flat surfaces, curved profiles, door surrounds, etc. It has a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation and can effortlessly finish any type of sealing job, no matter how tough or intricate it is.

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