Features Of A Good Liquid Preparation Tank

Liquid preparation tanks for handling hazardous drugs have to be designed, built and operated in a manner that meets the health and safety requirements. These drugs have to be mixed in such a way that no substances leak out, get contaminated or are wasted during the mixing process. Hence, the design of a good batching tank must have excellent sealing and spill-resistant features. The entire process of liquid preparation has to be as hygienic as possible so that all the precautions are in place, right from spill cleaning, filling and overall handling to transportation, storage and disposal. While building a tank, the material used should be of high quality and should be made of a material that can bear tremendous pressure and heat without getting decomposed or corroded. Since different types of these drugs have different compositions and have to be mixed in a particular way, every batch should be done in a special manner so that no contamination occurs.

The liquid preparation tank should have a sealed lid that prevents escape of the solid components and also the escape of vapors. Proper ventilation should be available to avoid contamination of the working environment during the manufacturing process. During the filling of the tank, the entire contents should be pumped into the tank slowly so that the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank is washed out before it starts to rise up to the top. The tank should then be pumped full once the last amount of the drug is added for complete concentration.

The liquid preparation tank should have an automatic shut-off device to prevent the accidental spilling of the mixture and the accumulation of solids at the bottom of the container. The entire process of the liquid drug preparation including the drying and the preparation as well as the storage and the disposal should be done in a hygienic manner. All the equipment should be constantly cleaned and maintained in order to ensure effective operation. All the instruments used in the process of liquid preparation and the batching of drugs must comply with safety standards and should be certified by the pharmaceutical experts as safe for use.

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