Features Of The 200mm Laboratory Test Sieve Shaker

Features Of The 200mm Laboratory Test Sieve Shaker


The 200mm Laboratory Test Sieve Shaker is an ideal tool for quantitative measurement according to the tested and known sieving technique. The size of particles and suspensions of all types can be measured via wet or dry sifting. There are various benefits of using this sieve in every laboratory, be it a Research Department or Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory.


This flexible laboratory test sieve is made of stainless steel with a bk-ts200 screen mesh size of 100 microns. This feature increases the speed and efficiency of its operation. It has an integrated water pump to enhance its robustness and flexibility. The water pump has been specially designed to give high flow rate capability at low temperatures and pressures. The bk-ts200 screen mesh size of 100 microns ensures the best results when it comes to numerical accuracy and speed performance, both of which are essential for any type of laboratory testing. New Design Mobile Jaw Crusher


The bk-ts200 lab test sieve shaker is also available with optional heavy duty drawer slides for carrying out the heavy duties conveniently. It also comes with a rubberized door with a window for an easy inspection of the sample container during transportation. It is primarily used for the examination of solvents, gases, and liquids with water or oil. It can be used as a squeegee in the chemical industry for sample distribution analysis. It has an anti-static shield to avoid damage to any expensive laboratory equipment.

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