Features of the Metal Sheet Guillotine Shearing Machine

The Metal Sheet Guillotine Shearing Machine is used in heavy-duty woodworking like cabinet works, chair moldings, etc. This machine consists of four metal sheets which are fastened to the workbench frame by clamps or chains. When working with metal sheets, the user has to attach the metal sheet to the work surface by clamp or chain. The metal sheet is guided through the machine from both ends. The metal sheet is removed by clamping or chain and the work surface is then prepared for cutting by using a diamond blade or other shearing tool.

Technical Description: Four-sided, eight-sided, and right-angle guided, high precision, rigid, and efficient cross-cut surface, high-performance hydraulic pre-tension, and fixed, mobile high-performance blade. The hydraulic system adopted by this metal machine includes the two-dimensional plug-in the fixed valve; It can configure the blade opening, blade clearance, blade rotation, and clamping / unclamping features. The blade can rotate at different speeds, i.e., high speed and low speed. The cutting blade used in this sheet metal machine has a fine finishing touch and is quite reliable.

Operational and Tempo-setting features: The sheet metal machine consists of an automatic guillotine mechanism that comprises an operator seat and a blade holder on a work platform that is elevated to the work area. A separate cable assembly controls blade movement and also acts as an anti-vibration mechanism. A rotary hammer is attached to the metal machine and acts as a helical pinion on the metal sheet. The metal cutting blade is fixed in a sheath that has a locking mechanism.

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