Forza Horizon Game Review

Forza Horizon is a second generation racing game developed by Playground Games & released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 in October 2021. The game is the second instalment in the long-running Forza series, after being a spin-off of the older Forza Motorsport games. Horizon features a unique control scheme based around the physical constraints of a car as opposed to any other typical racing formula. The player must use the edge of their wheels to make sharp turns and apply high speed bursts to boost the speed of their car. Every corner of the track is unique with a variety of obstacles that the cars can be hit, damaged or destroyed by. The race course is also packed with points to be acquired and extra lives to continue the challenge from the next stage.


Forza Horizon incorporates the use of the Horizon bond system that was introduced in the original Forza Motorsport games. This system allows players to link their cars to a common pool of credits that can be used to purchase parts, upgrade them or perform specific upgrades. The system allows you to not only save your progress through playing the game but also collect rewards for how well you manage your credits. These credits are used to purchase additional cars, play special challenges or gain experience to level up and advance through the game.


Forza Horizon features all the same options and features that the previous games featured. The choice between using the standard racing mode or the hardcore chaos mode still works with the same controls, but the customization option is available in the form of a steering wheel that allows players to fully customize their experience. There is also a tutorial that teaches new players the basics of the game and tricks that are very easy to pick up on. In addition, the Xbox Live membership is still present and allows you to connect with other players for races and to take advantage of online challenges.


Forza Horizon includes all the vehicles from the previous Forza games, which include the pod race, formula car and the rally series. However, there are also a number of additions that have been made to this title. For example, the Horizon car race mode now includes the Horizon Dune Buggy, which is set to be the official car of the United States government. In addition, there is also a radio call center that gives you tips and hints throughout the game. This feature allows you to know what direction to go in based on your own driving style.


The Xbox live application allows you to connect with friends who have the Horizon game first editions for Xbox. You can invite your friends to either join the challenges or even challenge you personally with a time limit. When you get the grade you earned you might get to see the grade on the leader board, which helps you keep track of your overall score against all your competitors.


Forza Horizon game involves a whole lot of online community interaction that goes beyond the traditional racing game. In fact, there are several ways that you can interact with other players. For example, you can race against the top players in your online community or challenge them to a tournament. This will add some spice to your online gaming experience and allow you to compete against some very high level players, who do not necessarily participate in the Forza Horizon game. If you are one of those people who enjoy the high score system, then you might get the chance to show your skill by participating in tournaments organized by some of the most popular Forza Horizon participants. The events are open to all players, so there is no minimum level required to participate in the tournaments.


Forza Horizon offers all players a chance to get involved in the game’s social activity, such as taking part in challenges and tournaments. As a player, you can create your own profile and begin competing with other players from around the globe. As you win new games, you get to be updated with the newest stunts and challenges to fulfill. As the competition continues, you will gradually build up enough experience to be eligible for a place on the leaderboards. Here, your experience will determine your eligibility for the next year in which you’ll be the official Forza Horizon champion.


Your chances of winning in the game increases with your contribution to the community, as you are eligible for a place in the top 25 players listed in the latest stats. You can check out the latest Forza Horizon 4 stats and game reviews right in the Microsoft Store, so you know where you stand in terms of being one of the best players. The store has some of the best deals on games, so you can take advantage of some of the great offers that you can find there. If you purchase the Horizon Collection, you will also be entitled to great discounts on the Forza Horizon game itself. You don’t have to worry about saving a lot of money, because the additional games included in the package are all very cheap!

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