Gear Up and Be a Battle-Rage Master

GRIP: Combat Racing is a futuristic racing video game developed by Canadian company Caged Element and originally released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. It was later released for all four consoles on November 6, 2018, for a retail price of $50. The game is completely free to play. For a Gears of War review, read our article on the game.


Gears of War is an award-winning real-time strategy game that pits one player against the entire Horde, an army of mechanized soldiers. The game starts when the game’s hero, an ace pilot, wakes up from a mysterious, lucid dream in which everyone but him are dead, and learns that the Horde has been sending robotic soldiers into the Earths to kill a group of resistance leaders known as The Enlightened. The resistance group fights back using new weapons and technology, which the game players use to fight back and prevent the robots from killing the humans. Throughout the game, the player takes control of all the characters, including non-playable characters like a hologram of General Shepherd. There are various endings based on the action of the game. The combat in the game is intense and fast-paced.


The story line and the way the game is played are different from other games in the Gears series. Instead of going through scenery, as is the case with other games, the player is instead inside a huge space with a lot of combat going on around him. The player’s goal is to survive the whole game and win. Although it sounds complicated, the actual design of the game is very solid and the player’s experience of playing will be fun and exciting.


In GRP, the player’s character, normally named “GRIP,” can use a remote-controlled vehicle to engage in combat. This remote-control gives GRIP the ability to move around and maneuver with his aircraft, called the Dropship. It’s also possible for a player to stay inside a Dropship, called a Pylon, while engaging enemy forces. The GRP gets into battle in ground fighting support vehicles like the scout vehicles and the gunner vehicles, which have increased firing power, allowing them to attack targets from a distance and with more accuracy than usual.


The game has a multiplayer mode that allows two or more players to play at the same time against each other. Because GRP is an online game, the player’s ability to move around is limited only by connection speeds and memory. Other features of the game include leader boards, statistics, user profiles, and online tournaments.


As far as game modes go, GRP uses the “Capture the Flag” style game mode. Players use drop-ships to capture zones of land controlled by the enemy and then defend those zones until all the enemy soldiers have been eliminated. The winning player is the one who controls the most strategic points throughout the course of the game. Additional modes include Challenges, which add a bit of strategy to the game, and Endless modes, which provide unlimited action.

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