Horizon Chase Turbo Game Review

Horizon Chase Turbo is an old-school arcade racing game originally released for the Nintendo Switch. The game has a retro aesthetic much like the old cartridges. It initially released in late fall 2021 in the Nintendo eShop with an early limited retail offer by PM Studios. Horizon Chase Turbo was one of the games that made me interested in the Switch, and I’m glad that I got a chance to try it out before it was permanently removed from the eShop.


Horizon Chase Turbo takes place in the future of human civilisation. You take control of your ship and your goal is to shoot down enemy ships while collecting powerups along the way. Power ups will allow you to transform into different animals including a dolphin, hippo or elephant. They all have different attributes that help make them more powerful than the others.


Weapons are available as well, each with their own abilities. Some weapons can even be charged up to give them a short duration of power. Boosts can be used to increase your overall speed and vertical leap. There are other factors in the game that can change how you play the game. These factors include the type of environment you are playing in, your score and money collected so far, the color of your plane and whether or not there are other aircraft at your disposal.


Horizon Chase Turbo features a nice tutorial mode where a newcomer to the game can learn the basics without having to worry about any complicated controls. This mode also helps players get used to the various options available as well as how the game plays out. When you play against another player, you can use a multiplayer mode that includes split screen and network play. Horizon Chase Turbo has no online leaderboards, which makes it a good family friendly game for all ages to play. If you don’t like online leaderboards, you can opt for split screen and network play with up to four players at once.


Horizon Chase Turbo includes all the features of the popular Flight Simulator games. All the features work together to let you enjoy the ultimate flying simulator experience. Everything you need for this game is included, from the realistic cockpit graphics to the incredible graphics, sounds and even the professional flight physics. You can even get access to the fully modifiable controls that allow you to change the way you fly through the game.


Horizon Chase Turbo received great reviews from both reviewers and players. They were very pleased with the way the game played out and with the different options available. They also were impressed with the various upgrades included. The game comes with two demo versions, one with a basic course and one that allow you to fly in a remote control plane with different airports that are included within the game. This version is definitely meant for those who don’t want to go through the learning curve associated with other flight simulators.

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