How Does a Liquid Filling Machine Work?

Liquid filling machines use a closed-loop system to fill a can or bottle. The liquid is pumped into the can through a small opening at the top or bottom called a cannula. A large hole called a cap is also provided above the can to cover the holes for the filler’s neck. The needle of the filler machine is inserted into the can and the suction pressure created by the machine pumps air into the can, which fills the bottle. If there is no air in the bottle, vacuum pressure is created and the can be resealed before pumping the air out of it.

Most modern-day manufacturing companies use this technology. It saves more time as well as reducing waste since it does not require a cutting up of materials. A can be filled with a liquid, usually, a flavored beverage is inserted into a machine that has a liquid filling machine pump. A feeding tube runs from the pump into a can and back through a tube to the can body where the liquid is added. The feed roller in the can holds the liquid and forces it through a die in the can body to the opening at the top. The tube then exits the can at the top leaving the can filled with a flavored beverage.

This liquid filling machine is a convenient and efficient manufacturing process that saves manufacturing costs and time. Because of its speed and efficiency, the popularity of this type of machine is on the rise. It is used to fill soda cans and other types of food and beverage cans.

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