Ideal Welding Machine for PVC Windows

A double head welder with PVC windows is a fast, versatile, and accurate solution for both the domestic and commercial markets. With double welding ability, it is an ideal choice for the fabrication of frames for windows or doors in commercial as well as domestic settings. It has the ability to produce frames that are stronger and lighter. Its compact construction ensures maximum use of space.

With two welded frame pieces per piece, it is easy to fabricate a perfect fit, with less margin of error. The ability to use both hands for the welding process minimizes fatigue on either the operator or the welder. Easy access to various adjustments and controls. The electronic display makes it possible to view weld parameters. Minimal wear and tear on moving parts. Moving with smooth and fluid movements, this welding machine is ideal for domestic as well as industrial applications.

For the convenience of its users, a double head welding machine for PVC comes with multiple seating capacities. Seating can be customized according to the height and size of the bench and chair. This welding machine is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor welding applications. The lightweight, compact construction of this welding machine ensures maximum portability. With its ability to operate on either steel with shielded or non-shielded weld, it meets all your needs for welding automation in PVC.

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