Is Dangerous Cricketers Common?

There are many things that make cricket fans in the world – and this includes cricket players – very passionate. It is a game where all the members of the team perform together, and they are all affected by every single decision the coach makes as well as each and every bad decision. Cricket is, perhaps, the only game that is able to generate such passion. But what is it about this game that makes it so dangerous? Well, let us take a look.


In fact, cricket is not only very dangerous, but is also full of other risks and dangers besides simply being a game of bat and ball. Cricket is full of speed, stamina, and individual skills. Every single individual on the team has a different ability, and they work together to form a lethal combination of strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a small mistake or a cramp on the foot of any player can prove to be a big problem at a crucial point in a match.


In fact, cricket is not the only sport in the world that is full of danger and controversy. Football is also a sport where the players can fall out of the crowd very easily. A tackle from a football player can end up making someone bleed, and then he might end up getting stitches himself. Thus, it can be seen that cricket is not the only game in the world that can bring in danger to its players. The question is – why is it so dangerous?


The answer lies in the passion of the people playing it, and the dedication that they show for their team. Cricket is an exciting game for players, and this excitement can sometimes lead to unnecessary acts of violence. A batsman might try to swing his bat too hard to hit a ball back, and this might end up causing a lot of injury to another player. Thus, in the midst of all this, cricket world becomes a place of constant threat, and fans have been known to get physically hurt when the players indulge in their passion for the game.


The other danger that is often quoted is that of a cricketer falling off the ground and breaking his leg. This is probably the most feared incident during matches, and it is the reason why most matches are stopped for no more than 20 minutes when such a cricketer falls seriously injured. So is a fall from even a single height dangerous for a cricketer? Well, the answer is yes, absolutely dangerous.


However, we cannot deny the fact that there are several other ways that a cricketer can be injured during the course of a match. Such injuries can occur due to bumping into the wicket-keeper, being hit by the outfielders, or even due to improper field position. These accidents can cause injuries of various kinds, and often it becomes very difficult to determine whether the injury is serious or not. Thus, to make sure that all possible harm is avoided, it is better for cricketers to wear safety equipment like knee pads, mouth guards, and helmet, while they play. This will ensure that they do not suffer any kind of injury, and that their career could continue unhindered for many years to come. Therefore, every cricketer must make sure to protect himself from all kinds of injury so that he can continue his career to the fullest.

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