Laboratory Electronic Sand Sieve Shaker

Sand Sieve with Electronic Sieves’ main function is to provide you with the best quality laboratory supplies to aid you to produce the finest, most precise measurements in the medical industry. With a broad range of laboratory instruments, the handheld instrument helps you measure various types of materials from air to plasma to blood and many more. The laboratory electronic sand sieve shaker is ideal for working on projects that require large amounts of material to be measured. The handheld instrument is designed for easy operation and provides outstanding performance.

The handheld laboratory instrument comes with non-skid pads that make it safe for you to use in laboratories, hospitals, science labs, dental clinics, food preparation areas, pharmaceutical plants, as well as other health care centers. The laboratory electronic sand sieve shaker is ideal for making dry runs as well as for loading experiments. The handheld instrument has several features such as a large and clear glass viewing window, large adjustable weighing area, glass doors with snap shut device, glass observation window, self-cleaning glass pads, auto shut off feature, external light, digital timer, temperature. gauge, water-proof and shockproof construction.

To get the best results in your experiment, you should always use a laboratory electronic sand sieve shaker with an auto shut-off feature. It also has a clear viewing window for making dry runs and for loading experiments. This laboratory tool is designed innovatively and perfectly suits modern applications. It is the perfect choice for measuring substances and for running laboratory experiments and has numerous benefits.

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