Lightweight Wall Slab Machine Sandwich

Lightweight Wall Slab Machine is one of the latest products to hit the market by way of consumer electronics giant Philips and is a great product for anyone who enjoys doing home projects that include laying tile, concrete slabs, bricks, or even landscaping. The Lightweight Wall Slab Machine is easy to use, has lots of power, and runs extremely quietly. The Lightweight Wall Slab Machine Sandwich also incorporates various power options including cordless, corded, direct fit, 12 volts, and even hydraulic. These machines are especially useful for professional masons as well as do it yourselfers who want the convenience of a machine but do not have the power or money to invest in a big heavy machine that can take out many projects. They are perfect for doing home projects around the house like installing carpeting or doing flooring.

The Lightweight Wall Slab Machine Sandwich comes complete with a router plate, a router blade, a concrete jam binder, a sheet of light maple plywood, an assortment of tools, instructions, and a clamp for hanging the slabs. The kit includes the slabs to be used for the job and templates for cutting the slabs. Once the cutting is complete the machine will spit the slabs out as thin pre-fabricated aluminum slabs. The slabs are ready to install with just one screw in the back and some screws in the front. The entire machine is assembled in about two hours with no messy or time-consuming tools to buy or parts to buy and all the equipment needed to finish the project.

The Lightweight Wall Slab Machine Sandwich comes with a slate chalkboard pre-installed so that you can easily draw on the slabs or chalk out your design. This chalkboard has pre-loaded trowels for wetting and dry trowing the slabs and a chalkboard for whiteboarding or marking the pattern to ensure you get it right. The machine uses two wells on which you load the slabs to make sure they fit together tightly. The machine comes complete with safety measures including a non-slip foot platform for the operator and a reset lever for service and a limited warranty period. The Lightweight Wall Slab Machine Sandwich is a quick and easy way to create quality walls using a slate chalkboard.

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