MPG Water Silky Rice Polisher Review

The MPG Water Silky Rice Polisher claims to be one of the best cleaning products available on the market. It’s designed to clean your car’s windshield, it’s siding, its vinyl seats, and chrome trim. You also have a choice of using the water sprayer or the circular pad method of applying the cleaner. There is a cleaning head that has a non-skid surface and comes complete with a long wand for cleaning the chrome, plastic parts, and vinyl. It comes with a long hose to reach everywhere and a long cleaning time, meaning that you get your vehicle shining as soon as possible.

There are several things to love about this water-based product. One thing that I really like about Silky Rice Polisher is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals to damage your car’s interiors. It will not leave any oily spots and will not change the existing color of your car’s finish. In fact, it’s even used to help restore the original color of the finish on old vehicles. I found out that my shiny Mario model had fading done to it but using the Silky Rice Polisher, I was able to restore the original shine to the exterior of the car.

Another great feature of Silky Rice Polisher is that it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is spray the product on your car, follow the instructions on the container and just let it do its job. With a long enough hose to reach everywhere in your car, you can really get all of your detailing work done pretty fast, especially if you do multiple cars. It’s a very convenient product to use.

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