Must-Try Spas in Phuket

Travel to the most famous country in Southeast Asia and find yourself in the lap of luxury – a haven of natural wonders, old temples, tropical islands, and breathtaking beauty. There are numerous places to explore while on holiday in this part of the world. From Bangkok, Pattaya, or Chiang Mai to Samui, Thailand, these are some of the best Thai beaches to visit. Here are some must-try spas in Myanmar.

Ko Lipe is located on the southern coast of Thailand and offers clear blue waters and white sand. This region was discovered by Captain James Cook in the late 1800s as a great breeding ground for tropical fishes. The waters are shallow and the fish population is diverse. There are schools of all sizes of marina coral, including the well-known giants. This natural paradise has a number of hotels and resorts, which can be booked directly from their offices.

Another amazing attraction is the Karen national park. Formed centuries ago, Karen is one of the last great habitats of giant pandas. The park houses more than a thousand giant pandas and their home range of around five hundred different species of birds. If you are visiting this park, make sure you go around at night as there are no light facilities. It is an adventure park where you can go mountain climbing, trekking, river rafting, etc. The best months to visit here are from October to March.

For those looking for a little taste of luxury, Kyokotka or Nakhon Ratchasima should be on your list. As the name suggests, it is situated near the sea and is the biggest tourist attraction. The region was originally a fishing village until the last century. There are a number of bungalows built along the coast and beautiful beaches to explore. The area is very popular among foreigners who come to Thailand just to relax and enjoy a few days away from busy cities.

While in Kyokotka, you can go on a trek to the ‘Redoubt’, a ruined fort dating back to the time of the Japanese. The view from here will be like that of the 18th century. A must-visit spot is a huge crater that contains remains from World War Two. This crater is also home to a huge temple dedicated to Buddha. After visiting the Redoubt, you can head over to the nearby villages of Nakhon and Tha Phae.

Make sure you take enough time out to explore all these beautiful sites. Some renowned spas here are Psihi, Sancho, and Siam. You can also check out the nearby Buddhist temples for more information. While in Phuket, you can check out some fantastic shopping malls and local markets.

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