Nuts Roasting Oven and Drying Oven

In previous articles I have discussed different methods you can use to cook with a Nuts Roasting Oven. You can roast vegetables, dry meats, fry foods or bake anything you like with a Nuts Roasting Oven. The first method we will discuss is how to dry something in an oven before roasting it. This is commonly used for dried peas, potatoes, and carrots.

First, you must place the item you wish to dry in your oven’s drip pan or drip tray. Place this over hot (but not burning) fires or on an open flame. Do not use an open flame, since there is a chance of charring the wood. You can also use a propane torch if you desire. Once you have placed the item in the oven and turned it on you can leave it to circulate the oven for about one hour.

After one hour you should then remove the roast from the oven. The Nuts Roasting Oven will absorb the moisture from the roast and close up its pores, thus retaining more of the oil and flavor of the roast. After this process is complete you can let the item dry in the oven for about five to ten minutes, depending on the item you are roasting. Once the item has dried completely, place it in your oven’s drip pan to catch any drips. Repeat these steps until all of your favorite Nuts are roasted to your desired doneness.

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