Odetools – Quality Cable Sharpeners and Cable Lash Cutters

The ODETOOLS Ty8W 220V Rebar Tool is a useful and versatile power tool for any craftsman. It can easily handle the torque requirements of heavy-duty industrial cables. It can also be used to complete any do-it-yourself repairs on any piece of equipment or a combination of different tools.

It uses a unique rotary hook that allows it to easily attach to the cable while simultaneously detaching at the same time to ensure that the cable is tightly held into place, even when torn by excessive heat. Using the supplied Tyvek mounting pads, the tool can quickly and easily convert the tool to a drill for drilling holes in soft, compacted metals such as copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel. It also features a powerful, perforated cutting tool that is ideal for threading plastic tubing. This cutter is especially useful in completing an intricate cable routing project, where a hole needs to be drilled in multiple pieces of tubing, and the diameter of the holes requires care in regards to not puncturing the tubing. In addition to being a useful repair tool, this Tyvek Typer is a quality cable lash cutter and can be used for shaping as well.

This Tyvek Typer from Odetools is a quality tool that will provide years of trouble-free service, should it ever need replacing due to excessive wear or damage. The rod of this drill is made from rugged and resistant material that ensures the rod will stand up to the toughest conditions. The sturdy steel shaft, with a drill head made from a tough and flexible material, makes this drill strong and durable. The cable, which is coated with thermoplastic rubber and features an O-ring to prevent electrical interference, is also resistant to electrical interference and will not get stuck on the Tyvek Typer or other metal tools. For these reasons, this Tyvek Typer kit from Odetools is a good choice for repairing or assembling any type of cable; it is also one of the more popular kits used by professional plumbers.

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