Oxyacetylene Glycol

Oxygen concentrator is a small sized machine that concentrates the oxygen in a small plant, and it is a very effective method for increasing the oxygen concentration in water. This machine has the capacity to run on electricity or use the alternative mode of gas such as Propane, but generally the concentrator is used with the gas powered oxygen tankless water heater. This concentration also allows plants to be located near the water source or the pond. This enables the water in the pond to be oxygenated, and this process can be automated, and the plant will only require minimum maintenance and no electricity.

The Oxyacetylene Glycol (OgaTek) consists of two main components, which are a catalyst and an activator. The catalytic agent used in this product functions as a non-harsh neutralizer to eliminate unwanted materials and contaminants from the water being used by the concentrator. The activator stabilizes the glycol, which helps to increase its stability under any conditions. In addition, the stabilizer also makes it more environmentally friendly because the glycol is made from cornstarch, which is not biodegradable, and it has low toxicity levels. It has also been found that some rare mineral ions are released through the glycol solution, which helps to improve the taste and aroma of the water.

There have been some concerns regarding the toxicity of this glycol and the long term effects it may have on humans. However, all indications point to this glycol being safe when used as directed. It is used mainly in cosmetic products to provide hydration and softness, and has no other applications.

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