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Forza Horizon is an Xbox Kinect game based on the popular Forza racing series. The game is developed by Playground Games & Nadegrr and released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox Kinect. The game is the first installment of the Forza series, after which Forza Motorsport 3 and Forza Horizon were cancelled up to early 2021. With the cancellation of these games came the need for a new entry in the series however, Playground Games & Nadegrr have fortunately created a new entry in the series called Forza Horizon.


Horizon is the prequel to the successful Forza Horizon game series, where players take on the role of an amateur driver in the sport of car racing. This time around, for Horizon takes the player on a journey across the beautiful countryside and into the heart of large cities, all in search for speed and reliability. Players will find that this game follows a new story unlike its predecessors and follows a new lead character, starting with a failed race in the Pacific Northwest and ending with a trip through the Southern Alps and the Dolomites. Players will take on the role ofampa Bay’s most celebrated driver, who also happens to be its most well-liked and most successful professional driver. Playing asampa Bay in Forza Horizon 4 will put players in the driver’s seat of one of the most beloved racing teams in the world, the Horizon Team.


The game takes players on a journey through the European continent, from Milan to Paris, and from Lisbon to Rome. Players will enjoy the thrill of experiencing rally driving action and can take part in thrilling races against other real drivers from around the globe. Forza Horizon features a wide variety of cars, and players can custom design their own car to complete custom event courses and race tracks within the game. Forza Horizon also features four different multiplayer games, allowing users to go head to head or race against friends online.


Additionally, Forza Horizon includes a large number of community building and social networking sites. Forza Horizon features forums for players to interact with and enjoy the game’s many challenges and new features. These forums allow players to post questions and get answers from experienced players, as well as from each of the game’s renowned festival sites. In addition, community news and events are published, and players can participate in sharing information about the latest news from these sites and throughout the game.


Forza Horizon lets you build your own car in-game, customizing it to suit your own personal style. Using a cutting-edge system that measures your car’s speed and performance data, players can design their very own car for racing. Forza Horizon utilizes the Xbox Live Arcade, which allows you to compete against other players for the highest scores. This encourages you to not only challenge yourself on individual levels but also compete with others locally and around the world. The Xbox Live Arcade also includes a tutorial that teaches you how to handle and use the various features available in the game.


Forza Horizon features a large number of vehicle designs, each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, there is the popular Lamborghini Countach, which has a high top speed, good acceleration, a sleek design, and a powerful engine. However, there is another vehicle available, the Pagani Grand Prix S. Therefore, while this game features a wide range of vehicles, the choices tend to be narrower. Another interesting feature of Forza Horizon, called the VIP Pass, enables players to access all the areas and events of the game for free, without having to work for them. This also allows you to take part in the various tournaments and receive awards in the process.


The story of Forza Horizon follows the life of Alastair “Forreign” Whitewater, who moves from his home in Australia to find work in the game. You follow his adventures as he travels throughout the different regions of the game in order to gather credits, upgrade his car and ultimately to win races and to become the best Forza player in the world. The main game-play involves Forreign finding jobs and then doing tasks for them in order to raise their credits level. Each job earns him some money, so you must be careful about spending it wisely.


Forza Horizon uses the Xbox Live Arcade, which allows players to connect and play with other players through the internet. Also, Forza Horizon features Forreign’s friend, Fabian, who he meets while he is travelling. Additionally, there are other players, called friends, who you can play with online and challenge you for a game or for a challenge. In the Xbox Live Arcade, you can see the game clips and listen to music, and also get to know other players who might be on your friends list. Furthermore, playing this game on the Xbox 360 will give you a high score, and since all players in the online community have their own Forza Horizon scores, you can compare them to see how you fair against others.

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