Professional Factory Direct Manufacturing Company

Professional factory direct pricing is not the price of a single-coil winding machine. The term “factory direct” generally means that the manufacturer supplies the machines to a dealer and the dealer then provides the machines to retailers. Therefore, the price you see is not the price of a single machine, but a markup from the dealer price. The factory-direct price does not include delivery or tax. The additional price of the factory direct machine is just a small portion of your overall electric bill.

When you purchase professional machines from a professional dealer, they become your factory-authorized representative. As an authorized factory direct vendor, they receive the benefit of being able to provide your business with the most efficient technical support in the industry. They also gain the added benefit of having you as a dealer available when you need their services. The ability to offer customer support in the form of advice, assistance, and information about other products is invaluable. You will also have access to the manufacturer’s tooling, spares, and the ability to resell parts to other dealers.

A professional factory direct manufacturing company knows that the best place to find a distributor for their products is online. They will have access to a large number of distributors and manufacturers that are willing to offer competitive prices on their products. Because they are working with a reputable manufacturer they can pass on the savings they make on to you. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer you will be able to cut out the middleman and thereby increase the profit margin.

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