Project CARS 2 is an upcoming motorsport racing game developed and released by Slightly Mad Studios, a group of creators that also created the popular Project CARS video game. It was initially released worldwide on 22 September for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, before being released on Nintendo Switch later in the month. The game is developed as a standalone release, so it features all the content from the previous game, just in a different version. However, it also contains all the content from the spin-off Project CARS: Rally, which was released in June of this year. In that game, players took on the task of rally crossing a variety of tracks, with the goal of improving upon their overall time and score.


In terms of graphics, the game is quite nice to look at, though not as revolutionary as the visuals of Project CARS. Although the engine does take some inspiration from previous games in the series, the focus is clearly on the realistic 3D physics, so users can feel much more part of the experience. The cars themselves are really well crafted, with accurate physics and real-life details. Although they look quite lifelike, users will find that it is actually quite difficult to drive some vehicles, especially the high speed racers.


To get the full experience, of course, users need to be able to learn to use all the functions of the control panel. This includes using the radio, tires, brakes, and mirrors. It is simply not possible to master each without trying, so beginners are encouraged to start with just one car in practice mode, then gradually increase the number of vehicles they can drive and control. There is even a tutorial involved for those who don’t know how to play, but it is short and easy to follow. As you become better acquainted with the controls, you can then proceed to a more difficult stage of Project CARS.


Of course, as you advance, you can increase your license, and there are other things that you can do to customize your car. There are liveries available for many cars in the game, including some that look very similar to famous manufacturers. You can also choose whether you want to play with a red or blue car, or if you want a unique design. The sounds of Project CARS are not always near perfect, but it is still worth the effort to get that authentic car noise, rather than something more common.


Although the player will be playing within the boundaries of the virtual world, the challenges posed by the tracks will be real world physics based. Therefore, the challenge will be to outsmart and outmaneuver the cars in order to win races and complete courses. Some of these challenges will be as simple as driving round a circuit, while others will be more difficult. Some of them will require you to use special tricks and jumps. However, when you play online, you do not really have any chance to perfect these moves, as they are not part of the rules of the game. Therefore, you will need to learn them on your own through trial and error.


Project Cars is an addictive game. The graphics are top-notch, the cars are highly customizable, and the tracks are challenging. What else could you want from a video game? However, this does add to the difficulty of the game, and therefore it may not be a good idea to start out playing with Project Cars just because it is an interesting concept. It is recommended, therefore, that you should download the game, try it out, and then decide whether you want to stick with the game.

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