Rectangular Conductor Vertical Winding Machine

Rectangular Conductor Vertical Winding Machine


A rectangular conductor electrical transformer is basically an electrical transformer that is used to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. This type of transformers generally consists of two windings and the electrical current passes through single blades. This particular type of transformers can easily tolerate extreme voltage and current, and so it is widely used in various industrial sectors. A rectangular conductor vertical winding machine is an electrical machine that is commonly used for industrial and office purposes. This particular machine can easily wrap, swivel, bend, and also swivel vertically and its blades can also rotate.


Automatic Rectangular conductor vertical winding machine consists of PLC control and non-volatile memory storage. This particular machine is manufactured with the latest technology and has better and efficient circuitry, high efficiency, and maximum durability. This specific type of machine has a wide range of applications and it has increased reliability and productivity in all types of industries. The complete series of Automatic Rectangular conductor vertical winding machines has some additional features like auto sensors and reset / reboot function, low energy consumption, high precision, and speed control, and high reliability. Automatic Coil Winding Machine Series


It is available in different sizes and voltage capacities. You can choose the exact one as per your application needs. Rectangular conductor wire winding machines are quite flexible and can easily handle all types of voltage and current requirements. It is available in the market with the help of excellent after-sale service plans. Most of the industrialist and manufacturing firms buy this machine for an effective solution for their electrical wire larger than 1000 gauges.

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