RT-150SA Semi-Auto Hydraulic Tube Deburring Machine

The hydraulic tube deburring machine is an indispensable tool for the manufacture of high-quality plastic parts. It cuts through the workpieces with extreme accuracy and prevents the formation of burrs and clogs. This makes the parts smooth to touch and free of defects. The machine features an automatic deburring system for complete finishing. This makes it highly suitable for work in busy production areas.

With this semi-automatic machine, there is no need to use a manual finish or coating process. This makes it highly functional for use in applications that require a fast finish as well as a smooth exterior. RT-150SA machines offer a great deal of productivity to users. They are easy to install and use and can even be installed by non-professionals. This is because it has an automatic positioning system that ensures a perfect fit no matter where it is installed.

It is easy to maintain and is also safe. The system comes with a sealed system and includes a sealed compressor and dryer. There is no need for oil lubricants or emissions and no heat generated during its operation. The machine has a two-speed semi-automatic control and a high-precision multi-stage semi-automatic control.

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