Some Of The Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

The reasons why women are better than men are not a secret. Men do not want to know the real reasons why they are better than women. But the question is, why aren’t there more women running around in corporate America and doing everything men do? Women have had to fight hard for equal rights and now that they have made it, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
So, just what are the real reasons why women are better than men? There isn’t a single answer to this question. Each person is responsible for their own actions. While some people have been raised in certain environments and encouraged to act in certain ways, other people were raised in entirely different circumstances. Every person has the ability to mold themselves to become the best they can be.

Another reason why women are better than men is that a woman has been raised to be strong. This means that a woman has been raised to rely on strength alone to solve problems. This is not always easy when you consider all the hardships that men go through. But women have been successful in teaching men the art of problem-solving because they have always known that the successful person wins by working harder than the unsuccessful.

A third reason why women are better than men is that men tend to see the world in terms of two as opposed to the three basic perspectives that there are. On the one hand, there is the reemployed outlook which sees the world in terms of race. Men are hard-working individuals who do not like to take a back seat to anything. On the other hand, there are men who see life in terms of the accumulation of assets. These men have never experienced failure or hardship in their lives. They have money stores, comfortable houses, and even cars.

A fourth reason why women are better than men is that they are not as self-centered as men. It is rare to see men who brag about their capabilities, qualifications, education, and other life accomplishments. Women on the other hand are more likely to boast about their looks, their sexual capabilities, and other personality traits. They would much prefer not to take on the responsibility of making their own contribution to society if given the choice.

These are some reasons why women are better than men. Of course, these reasons are not exclusive to women. Both men and women can use these reasons to justify their behavior. In order for either sex to truly become better than the other, both parties would have to change their behavior a little. Men can learn how to be more helpful and empathetic to women in order for both genders to be better than each other.

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